Media and Resources

The variety of print and visual materials developed within RGSI provides information that aims to address young children’s rights and the obligations of duty bearers and focus on ECD as an entry point for poverty reduction and social inclusion. Through information, communication and visibility activities, key decision-makers, service providers, general public, and civil society are reached with the purpose of raising their awareness, enhancing their capacities, and changing their attitudes, beliefs, and practices to combat stereotypes, stigma and discrimination against the Roma.

A Young Roma Children Communication Kit was developed. Communication materials in the kit have were translated into different languages.  The kit consists of RGSI brochures, posters, human interest stories, and policy briefs from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University. Photo essays and videos were also developed under RGSI. A photo gallery brings together high quality, positive and proactive images of young Roma children and their family and community environments.